Are current philosophies on college campuses actually producing an unintended effect? Professor Mike S. Adams of the UNC System takes a look at how speech policies might just be causing a lot of problems. Instead of protecting students, it’s fueling bad behavior.

We make a serious error when we characterize today’s progressive students as “snowflakes.” The epithet wrongly implies that these kids are incapable of handling an opposing viewpoint due to emotional weakness. The mischaracterization is understandable given that our campus speech codes explicitly tell students they have a right to be shielded from ideas that make them feel “uncomfortable” or which they might deem to be “offensive.” Were we to actually enforce these codes uniformly, a form of reverse Darwinism would soon shape campus debate.

Read the full article on The Daily Wire here.

Professor Adams has written a book that we highly recommend. Click here to check it out!

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