A great article by Forbes takes an interesting look at why college graduates are landing unemployed. The article author, Misha Yurchenko, gives an answer you might not have been thinking. Sure, a lot of degrees leave grads unprepared. But maybe the problem runs deeper than that:

The system is broken.

The big assumption that is drilled into our heads during school is that people need to work for other people. That when you exit school, you get a job.

So is working for someone else the key to success?

He believes everyone is an entrepreneur. He says don’t ask for a job, make your own…

For most of history we have been entrepreneurs. As hunters and gatherers we had to solve problems everyday (and if you’re reading this today, you made it pretty far!) We had to figure out how to feed ourselves. We were bakers, farmers, cobblers, blacksmiths. We had street stalls and restaurants and shops and offered our services.

As the economy continues to shift, young adults should be turning towards themselves to create a brighter future. The same old idea of go to college, get a job is letting more and more people down each year with staggering debt. To read the full article, click here.

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